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Welcome to Egan waste services

Egan Waste Services are one of the premier recycling companies in Cardiff & Swansea specialising in hazardous waste disposal, drainage solutions, tanker hire and much more. We pride ourselves on building relationships with clients by acting as consultants and advisors, therefore becoming part of your team.

Egan Waste Services have been providing reliable waste disposal services in South Wales and the surrounding area including the South West for many years. During this time, we've become experts in hazardous waste disposal and drainage services, forging a reputation of innovation, expertise and reliability that makes us one of the premier waste management companies in South Wales.

We always ensure we keep ahead of changing legislation and the ever-changing forms of waste disposal that are available. This is what makes us one of the best recycling companies working throughout Wales.

Whether you're using us to dispose of waste as a one-off or want to use our services for the disposal of hazardous waste and non-nazardous waste from your whole site, Egan Waste are always happy to help and invite you to contact us today.

Latest Case Studies

Tanker Hire

Water Delivery

Services included:

Non-potable water delivery to the trade and industrial processes

Egan Waste Services have been providing non potable water tanker deliveries to the trade for years, with the capability of supplying up to 24,000 litres in one delivery. We have supplied for all requirements of the construction industry, from boring to regular building projects. We have also supplied to the manufacturing industries to enable continuous operation of their processes where on site supplies have not been available for one reason or another.

Servicing of Interceptors (Seperators)

Services included:

Industrial and Commercial Interceptor / Seperator Servicing

Egan Waste Services have been servicing Interceptors for many years. With Vacuum Tankers reaching 1700 cubic feet per minute, you can ensure that we can achieve the minimum downtime and with the expected level of service from our experienced team. We will inspect the interceptor (separator) and all its mechanical parts, filter tubes, coalescing devices, servicing all electrical equipment such as alarms, separator systems, and provide deep cleaning as required.

The previous Pollution Prevention Guidelines - Use and design of oil separators in surface water drainage systems (PPG3) state that to prevent pollution and minimise your costs, you need to manage your separator effectively. To make this easy, all parts of the separator (interceptor) that have to be regularly maintained must be accessible at all times. Every six months, or in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Always check the conditions of you site licence.

Cesspit Servicing | Emptying Company Cardiff

Services included:

Domestic and Commercial servicing of Cesspits (Emptying and all maintenance services undertaken)

Egan Waste Services have been servicing Cesspits since the late 1970’s. We have a range of sewage collection tankers, with short wheelbase and adapted vehicles ensuring we can reach areas that are limited with access, or the ability to tackle the more rugged parts in our countryside. Domestic or Commercial, we have the equipment to deal with all situations.