Dry Waste Collection

At Egan Waste we're committed to helping the environment. That's why we provide a first rate waste recycling service in South Wales. It is important that all dry waste collection is done by a professional, reliable waste removal company and we pride ourselves on doing just that.

Dry Waste Collection Services

Dry waste constitutes almost any form of waste that is not liquid or slurry. This can be waste produced on a large industrial or commercial scale, or a smaller domestic scale.

With our office in Pontypridd, Egan Waste Services deal with all industrial and commercial dry waste, safely removing it and disposing of it in a way that has a minimal impact on the environment.

We take great care to make sure we stay within relevant guidelines involving the disposal of waste, restricting our use of landfills and therefore keeping environmental damage to a minimum.

Our specially trained team provide a top class dry waste collection service that effectively removes and safely disposes of your dry waste – both recyclable and non-recyclable.

Dry Waste Recycling

Recycling dry waste is not only good for the environment; it also means that you save money in the long run thanks to early waste segregation – splitting the waste into recyclable and non-recyclable. This therefore reduces the amount of waste that goes to landfill.

Our dry waste recycling service includes collection of the waste, as well as an on-site sorting facility. We're able to recycle card and paper, as well as metals, glass and plastic, so you get an all-round service.

For more information about our dry waste collection and dry waste recycling facilities, simply give us a call on 01443 841 833. We're happy to talk to you about the options available.

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